Discipleship Training School

Invest six months of your life to experience God in a totally new way! Together we will discover Biblical truth that will change your life and help you to develop a deeper and stronger relationship with God. We go on outreaches in Europe and beyond to where ever God leads us.
Find a beautiful home, new friends and exciting opportunities in the midst of the Black Forest, where an international fellowship awaits you. Discover GOD'S purpose for YOUR life!

  • Where

    Altensteig and outreach locations worldwide

  • When

    29th of September 2019 until the 21st of March 2020

  • Languages


  • Price

    Lecture 1,800 € / Outreach 2,200 € (approx.)



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What area of your life did DTS change the most?
„Especially my relationship with God has improved during that time. I got to know Him in new ways and was able to build a more solid foundation of my faith. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had and I would recommend this life-changing time to everyone.”
HannaPediatric Nurse
How, specifically, did you experience God during your DTS?
„In my DTS I have experienced that God is absolutely trustworthy and incredibly loving. He has filled my heart with new joy – and my life with passion and hope. I got to know how precious and valuable I am in the eyes of God and in His kingdom. He is giving me my true value.”
Johanna & Samuel
Johanna & SamuelStaff team YWAM-Altensteig
Why did you decide to stay in Missions?
„Our hearts are beating for the young generation - seeing young people being transformed and getting into their calling. God gave us an amazing opportunity to invest according to our vocational training. We can use our practical gifts to build his kingdom here in Altensteig. ”
What impact does your DTS experience have on your professional life today?
„We had a week where the topic was communication and this was probably what has had the clearest impact on my professional life. I remember learning things like not assuming you've understood someone, but repeating back what you understood them to be saying to make sure it's correct. I feel the communication skills I learned have been very useful, both professionally and personally.”



Apply online OR download the application pack. If you download the application pack, print, fill out, scan and email it back us to us as soon as you can.


Copy and send a link of this page (copy link in your internet browser) to your reference persons (spiritual leader and friend) and have them fill it out online.


Transfer the 30€ application fee and complete your application. For bank transfer, please use the following details: